A Wedding Day Gift For Each Other

Before we got married, I’d watch these wedding shows and the groom would have a gift delivered to the bride the morning of the wedding. Sometimes it was just a hand-written card. But sometimes it was a hand-written card and an extravagant, over the top piece of jewelry.

Now. Maybe it’s because we were on a 12k budget. But probably not. I couldn’t bring myself to even consider exchanging gifts with my groom on our wedding day. To us, the only gifts needed on that day, was the wedding we just paid forĀ  and the life we were about to embark on together.

So you tell me. Am I wrong on this one? Is it customary for the bride and groom to exchange wedding day gifts? If so, why?

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One thought on “A Wedding Day Gift For Each Other

  1. Oh man, I work in the gift-giving industry (at http://www.MyRegistry.com) and I STILL have trouble supporitng this morning of the wedding idea! I have a feeling this extravagant practice is not as common as those wedding shows make it out to be. I do like the idea of a simple card though, especially if the bride has been feeling stressed (which, let’s face it, just about every bride is). That seems like a sweet way to remind her of what the day is really about… true love and the two of you receiving tons of gifts from others (just kidding about that last part!).

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