I’m Baaaack!!! (Cue the T.I.)

I took a MUCH needed break from wedding planning this past August. We just had too much going on: 4 weddings (including one in Vegas), enjoying the last days of summer and gearing up for the fall. Just a few days shy of my Sept. 1st return to planning – I went out with the FMIL (future mother in law) to check out fabric stores. I have my dress but it’s a little plain. So she offered to revamp it for me and make it FABULOUS. We were able to pick up the crystals she’ll be adding, fabric for my train and fabric for my veil. I absolutely LOVE the fabric and I was able to get it 50% off at Joann’s. I’ve never been so excited about a textile in my life!

I have ONE goal for the month of September – FIND SHOES. For some reason it has been very difficult for me to make any types of decisions when it comes to the style of footwear I want on the BIG DAY. I can’t even narrow down color and style. I’ve actually been online browsing the last 4 months.. but I decided that it’s time to BUCKLE down – especially since it’s the end of the season and I’ll have to wait until next spring if I want a chance to snag a summer shoe.. and that’s a NO-GO because we need to start my dress soon and we can’t hem it without my shoe. So – every weekend in September will be devoted to finding THAT shoe. I’ll keep you posted on my shoe journey.


(PS. Joann’s has a magazine on sale for $2.99 – it includes 6 coupons (including 2 50% coupons) – totally worth the $2.99)

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