Christmas Lights as Wedding Decor?

Now I know, if you’re ladies (and gents) after my own hearts, you went out and bought lots of holiday decorations 99% off on December 26th. If not, shame on you, you deserve to pay every penny of full price.

If you did happen to get some good deals, hopefully Christmas lights made an appearance in your shopping cart. Try using these little beauties as part of your wedding decorations.

Before you even fix your face to frown and call me tacky, just hear me out.

Now, in my defense, I’ve not seen this done tastefully in person, but I’m willing to guess it’s completely possible.

When done the right way, those tiny bursts of white light can probably do wonders at a wedding.

What do you think? Can it be done? Is it possible?

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Lights as Wedding Decor?

  1. I used christmas lights at my wedding and I originally thought the same thing, that it would be tacky. But it did not turn out too bad. The wedding coordinator wrapped the lights in tulle and then wrapped them around white columns. She also draped them from the ceiling. Everyone complemented us on how lovely it was.

  2. White lights are absolutely perfect. A friend of mine had them loosely lined down the aisle of her wedding mixed in with fresh roses and rose petals. The wedding was outside at dusk and it was stunning to see.

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