Wedding Cupcakes It Is!

We just recently decided to go to with cupcakes instead of cake for our wedding. We’ve talked about it before but kept going back and forth. After getting a quote from our preferred cake baker and listing the pros and cons in this most recent conversation, we’ve decided cupcakes are probably best.

Cupcake Pros:

  • Cheaper than cake, at about $2 each
  • No cake cutting fee
  • Allows for a variety of flavors
  • Opportunity to do a DIY stand (!)

Cupcake Cons

  • I don’t get to use any of the cake inspiration pictures that I found

So as you can see, cupcakes are the way to go. I posted one inspiration picture that I really liked before, but on second thought the frosting kind of reminds me of piles of poop on the cupcakes. So, needless to say, I need more inspiration. Here’s what I got so far:

Source: The Forever Wedding Blog
Source: Prima Donna Bride
Source: WeddinGo

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8 thoughts on “Wedding Cupcakes It Is!

  1. Mmm…cupcakes! I find the simple ones the most charming. The ones with the simple band of satin ribbon or the one with the little message on a toothpick. Very cute!

  2. I’m also having a cupcake tree at my wedding! I agree that the really fluffy looking frosting looks like poop! The lady that is doing ours gave us this website and I personally like image 22 of 36 best! It is similar to a design you could have a cake! Of the ones you picked, I like the ones with the satin ribbon and flowers. That looks really cute! Good luck!

  3. Just be careful!! We did cupcakes at our wedding, they were beautiful and tasty, but guests got the wrong idea and started taking them before we ever got to the cake table to see the final presentation and to feed each other the first ones!!

  4. we considered doing cupcakes as well, but a couple things that dissuaded us:

    if your guest list isn’t set in stone, you’re screwed. cupcakes are not ‘stretchable’ but cake is.

    cupcakes tend to dry out a lot faster than cake – cake frosting seals the moisture in while cupcakes are only frosted on top, thus…dry.

    transport and staging is incredibly difficult for cupcakes – especially for a large wedding. think about where they are going to get made, stored, and how they’ll get set up. a cake can be moved fairly easily but cupcakes are pretty much one at a time unless you want to topple your tower.

    also, everything is compounded if you choose to artfully decorate your cupcakes – think of how much trouble it would be to get 200 fancy, fragile cupcakes to the reception site still looking great and tasting fresh…

    just sayin’…we’re going with cake.

  5. Miss 12K,

    Are you planning on DIY your cupcakes? If you are engaging a pro baker I think they will do what they need to do to me sure that the cake will taste fabulous. Also I have eaten many a dry wedding cake in my lifetime. I don’t think cakes are not immune to tasting bad. I think cupcakes are a great idea. Good luck.

  6. It’s important to remember that cupcakes aren’t always less expensive than cake. In fact, cupcakes can wrack up the price much faster than cake, especially when you start decorating them in a more interesting way.

  7. Hi gals! I actually used to work at a bakery, so I got some great tips. Since then, I’ve been able to help out/cater several different events with cupcakes. The trick is to make the buttercream several days in advance (it will keep up to two weeks). Make the cupcakes one to two days before the event and frost them once they’re cool. And best tip of all: look for a cake/baking supply store for cheap cupcake boxes. I got mine for just $2 each, and they fit a dozen per box with special inlays that keep everything neat and clean. Good Luck!

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